ViEX - Software Vulnerability Scanning

Discover what you can uncover!

Sentar's latest malware analysis product, named "ViEX", is derived from DARPA funding on the Cyber Genome program as well as a research grant from the Rome Air Force Research Laboratory. Pronounced "Views", ViEX is a unique malware analysis approach that uses spatial voting and advanced similarity assessment, instead of signatures, to immediately identify new Polymorphic Malware variations, often used in combination with zero day exploits. 

ViEX is a scalable, batch-mode binary analysis technology incorporating machine-learning algorithms and specific feature extraction data mining techniques. ViEX provides the highest rate of accurate malware identification, especially against polymorphic (mutated) versions. All while maintaining low False Positive rates, a critical factor in scalability and commercial use. 

ViEX also provides a similarity comparison for deep-dive forensic analysis and investigation of individual files. ViEX provides visual, interrogatory and interactive views that give the user in-depth file details compared side-by-side with other files. This analysis makes it easy to assess the risk of an unknown or new artifact and its relationships to other malware files.

With ViEX, you can focus on the threats that matter.