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Cybersecurity Technology & Experts

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Sentar professionals have understood cyber attacks against US businesses and government infrastructures would be advanced, persistent and pervasive since the turn of the 21st century. That's when we began hiring the best Cybersecurity experts in their fields and investing in research and development of the technologies required to solve those challenges.

Working with clients such as DARPA, Department of Homeland Security, Defense Health Agency, Air Force Research Labs, Missile Defense Agency, divisions throughout the Army and Navy and the Office of Secretary of Defense, Sentar employees have been on the forefront of securing, developing or deploying the most advanced, innovative Cybersecurity services and technology in the industry.

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Cybersecurity Services

Sentar's reputation and success rely on our Cybersecurity services professionals, many with advanced post-graduate degrees in their fields of study. At Sentar, everyone understands that our commercial and government clients are the building blocks of our reputation, our pride and our success. We treat every project with the passion and drive that we expect for our own internal efforts.

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Cybersecurity R&D

Sentar has been researching and developing advanced Cyber Security technology since 1999. Sentar personnel have been heavily involved in a range of classified and unclassified research activities that have led to technology advancements and innovative break-throughs in cybersecurity products, including software vulnerability scanning, malware forensic analysis and rapid feature identification and clustering. 

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